The True Value of Video Production

April 10, 2020
The True Value of Video Production

Elliot Campbell

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The best way to attract users to your brand and business? Start sharing videos about your offering!
A good and successful 
videographer / video production comprises of positive views and sentiments from customers and clients who have used the product and services including other enhanced features that are vital in convincing the target audience to the quality of the product you offer.

How can we help?

Here at Boxclever, we have the pleasure of working with Elliot Campbell. He and his colleagues have been creating high-quality bespoke media for a range of clients across Scotland, the United Kingdom and around the world for over 10 years. From Bafta winning and Oscar long-listed feature films and shorts to producing high-end content for the BBC, Ballie Gifford, Edinburgh World Heritage, Woodland Trust, Diageo, United Nations and many more.

2020, time for growth

Whether you are looking for a film to introduce your business, a professional record of a conference, interviews with your team or to establish a video presence as part of a fresh marketing strategy; we are excited to see what we can do for you. Video marketing is an important weapon in the modern advertisers' arsenal. High-quality video has become a central part of campaigns, especially on social media where video’s are peoples favourite type of content. Video is rich, engaging and incredibly shareable and when used well it can increase sales and build longer-lasting relationships with your customers.

Video content can begin producing video content autonomously, but not all methods are not fit for every purpose. For example, if you are generating a promotional video you will want to get some professional help if you are not experienced. These do need to be spot on otherwise you won't get the impact you need. Service-based videos are the same, you need an experienced camera operator and a proper post-editing set up to get the right results. But you get the value from these as you ultimately will have a tool that can be used in various situations and for much longer periods, unlike social media videos.

Our strategy

Storytelling is very powerful, with our origins in narrative filmmaking we offer a creative eye for bringing your unique requirements to life. Video is a crucial marketing tool and can be relatively inexpensive with a high return, meaning it’s not just major companies with huge budgets who can use video but also small & medium-sized businesses with smaller revenue streams. Videos will help to nurture prospective leads into paying customers which in turn helps to grow your business.

Know more about the process

There are three clearly defined stages of video production and we can help you with all of these!

  • Pre-Production - this is the planning stage, a crucial part of the process and one you should not rush. Three questions arise from this stage 1. Who is your audience? 2. What message are you trying to convey? 3. What is your budget?
  • Production - should run smoothly as long as pre-production has been followed closely and meticulously.
  • Post-Production - most people think the end of the shoot is the end of filming but anyone who has seen unedited footage knows that how you edit the video has a huge effect on how the video turns out. Editing can make or break the tone and impact of a video meaning the work done in Pre-Production needs to be very clear with a solid brief. Having us on board means we’re with you every step of that journey resulting in exactly what you had in mind at the beginning of your project. We use the latest editing software helping to make the process smoother, faster and more reliable. Once a rough edit is created, you can request/suggest changes which can be implemented quickly finessing the edit, ready for the final exported video.     

As we have been working for businesses and individuals for years, we appreciate that budgets might be tight for a videography project. This is the reason why we are open to plan project for all budget sizes, especially if requesting repeating work. 

No matter how large or small your idea may be, send us an email and we'd love to talk it through. We help with things as small as quick video edit to tidy up / professionalise a video before you send it out all the way to a full onsite production. Give us a shout and we will send over a local Scottish Borders Videographer. 

Don't hesitate to get in contact through the form below!

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