The myths about Inbound Marketing

April 21, 2020
The myths about Inbound Marketing

Jonathan Harrison

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Inbound marketing is one of the freshest and ever-growing movements in the business world. Simply put, it is a digital marketing strategy that organically attracts leads and solution-seeking buyers to your company, rather than competing for their attention.

Admit it, sometimes you can’t read your LinkedIn feed without finding yet another article discussing how inbound marketing is ‘the greatest thing since sliced bread’. But this movement is much more than just a buzzword – 68% of inbound marketers say their marketing strategy is effective, less than half disagree. However, with all new movements in business such as AI and diverse hiring, myths can exist and must be addressed to prevent fear of embracing new methods.

‘The new term for SEO’

With the ever-changing terminology of marketing, it can be expected for one to assume this movement is just another term for SEO. However, SEO is actually a component of inbound marketing. SEO brings customers to your website through organic searches but isn’t the only way to drive website traffic – other methods of inbound marketing such as links embedded in emails and social media posts are strategies not covered by SEO.

‘It’s just another fad’

It is true that there are marketing strategies that come and go with the times before becoming a distant memory when not keeping up with new trends – this makes any business trend easy to dismiss. However, if anything inbound marketing is an evolved form of marketing strategies that have been around for years. Inbound marketing is simply a more scalable and efficient way of approaching the market with the general marketing intent of providing value to your prospects, earn trust and earn the scale – prime rules of marketing since the start.

Inbound marketing is also adapting with the time of evolving old rules – millions of Americans, for example, have signed up to do not call lists, and many now fast forward through television commercials – this has killed off traditional forms of outbound marketing, making inbound essential for the modern-day.

‘It’ll bring me instant results’

While inbound marketing strategies can give powerful results when implemented properly, the path to success is never straight-forward. It must be noted that both active and passive leads are brought in with inbound marketing. Active leads end in increased sales but the passive leads must be reached out to also and can often be larger in number. Inbound marketing is all about nurturing the leads already achieved, and that can take time before yielding real results.

‘This is the only strategy I need’

Inbound marketing won’t be the be-all, end-all for success, but rather should be a supplement alongside the other strategies that may be working for you in bringing in sales. Methods such as networking and the occasional TV or print media spots are still worth pursuing to reach out to wider audiences. These methods also often tie into inbound marketing programmes and enhance the strategy. The main advice is to trial and use all methods while making sure the overall strategy is integrated and seamless.

‘I don’t need to pay anything for it’

While it’s true that it can be more affordable than outbound marketing, just like many other marketing strategies – it won’t come for free. To get a high-quality inbound marketing strategy, you may have to pay professionals to produce high-quality content and design compelling infographics. Software is another essential item to execute the strategy – software such as HubSpot can range from £200 a month for the basic package to £2,400 a month for an enterprise standard. However, in the long-term these investments will be worthwhile and it can be argued from all the above points that investing in inbound marketing gives greater value than outbound.

With inbound marketing an ever-desirable prospect for companies and with (hopefully) misconceptions about it addressed in this blog, it may be worth looking for young talent to provide your company with innovative perspectives on inbound marketing. Boxclever is here to help you with that!

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