Marketing Automation: HubSpot vs InfusionSoft (Keap)

September 30, 2019
Marketing Automation: HubSpot vs InfusionSoft (Keap)

Jonathan Harrison

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What is marketing automation?

It is the platform of software that is rapidly taking over the marketing departments in most industries and businesses; big or small.

By doing a simple Google search, you can find dozens of them.  Additionally, they all like to showcase their own features and what differentiates them from their competitors, this might make it harder to choose one amongst them.

Generally, the services that are offered are very much similar. They vary from making scheduling emails processes easier, segment contacts, automate social media posting, manage your content, and track the lifecycle of customers in your marketing funnel.

Making the decision

What needs to draw your attention is how much they focus on each of these automation actions. This is what can make a drastic difference between the platforms. Additionally, this is where the questions of which is the best becomes completely subjective as it depends on a large variety of factors. In this blog, we will carry out a thorough analysis of two platforms: InfusionSoft and HubSpot, focusing on professional services.


Considering the case of a small business owner that has a few employees and manages a few hundred to several thousand customer contacts, then Infusionsoft can be considered a great tool. It also works incredibly well for small businesses that are getting started building up their eCommerce. However, unfortunately, when it starts to stack up against its competitors, it tends to underperform and get overwhelmed. Which is no slight against it. Its pricing and feature sets makes it strictly suitable only as a small business tool. It simply does not pass the benchmark for the mid-market. It has to be noted that the platform has recently changed name to “Keap” as it introduced new products alongside their traditional services.


HubSpot comes with a great User Interface, the platform provides one of the most comprehensive user experiences available. Their navigation is intuitive, and you rarely get down a rabbit hole that you don't know how to get out of.

HubSpot stands head and shoulders above its competitors it comes to content. They just know what they are doing when we are talking about content management, SEO optimiSation, social media, and content repositories. Their innovations in Inbound Marketing have always been top notch and they have seemed to have been more integrated in businesses and industries when it comes to sales automation tools and CRM.

When considering professional services, data is crucial. If content is the lifeblood of any campaign, then data is the circulatory system. It tells us where the content should go and how it should be deployed. HubSpot is the perfect tool for this!
Not only do they have one of the best tracking cookies ever. They also provide full funnel attribution and enables marketers to see all touch points with a client and not just last touch. This helps you, as a marketer, identify what is really driving traffic, leads and ultimately revenues into your funnel.


A key component of marketing automation tools is the provision of analytics features to measure the impact of an entire campaign across segments and channels. These features measure the impact of campaigns on marketing team KPIs, campaign ROI, and the impact of campaigns on company revenue.

Marketing automation products often integrate with CRM software tools, though CRM tools with marketing automation features natively built in are considered CRM all-in-one software. While marketing automation tools do include email marketing features, products in G2 Crowd’s marketing automation category are excluded from the email marketing software category, which houses tools that only address automation in the email channel.

On the bases of what has been said above, what is better HubSpot CRM or Infusionsoft? When you need an efficient CRM Software product for your business you must invest time and compare different alternatives. It does not have to be challenging and can be as straightforward as matching their traits in a table like the one below. You will also get a quick idea how each product works. In this case, we have done the studies for you and you can find our results in the table below. For example, you can see HubSpot CRM’s overall score of 9.8 and compare it against Infusionsoft’s score of 9.0; or HubSpot CRM’s user satisfaction level at 99% versus Infusionsoft’s 97% satisfaction score.

The assessment will allow you to spot the good and bad points of each program and decide which one fits your requirements better. Aside from the robust features, the software that is easy to understand and use is always the better product. As so, we highly recommend choosing HubSpot over InfusionSoft. The platform is reliable and excellent when working with Professional Services. However, if you want to have a better idea of the reasons why we think that, scroll down to read the table.

HubSpot vs InfusionSoft

*Including: Main Functionality, Collaboration Features, Customisation, Security, Mobility, Integration, Ease of use, Help & Support and General Impression.


No CRM Software will manage to cater to all the requirements of a specific team. Even though core features of HubSpot CRM and Infusionsoft are important you should also carefully examine the integrations supported by a given solution. Very often you will already be using other types of B2B software in your company and it’s always better to opt for software that integrate well with one another. If you do that you will be able to guarantee a smooth transfer of data between your teams and services, which can significantly reduce time devoted to migrating between one solution and the other.


InfusionSoft cannot be considered full solution, so you will have to purchase additional tools. These are some of the issues that this creates:

  • How much will each additional software cost
  • Need to be able to integrate: are these all native integrations, how much will they cost, who maintains the integrations
  • Training and support for each additional software
  • Research for each software
  • Usability - multiple logins and naming conventions
  • GDPR - you must be able to demonstrate a clear, concise and unambiguous trails of consent - when companies employ multiple systems this becomes unmanageable
  • What happens when InfusionSoft does not work - what will plan B be?

HubSpot is not expensive (in fact, they under priced); InfusionSoft is cheap - When you buy cheap, you buy twice.

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