How to take advantage of Video for social media

February 11, 2020
How to take advantage of Video for social media

Jonathan Harrison

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There are lots of ways to create and use video and one that is becoming more and more popular is their use on social media. How to tutorials, recipes, about us, landscapes, drone shots, funny cartoons etc etc... You have all seen them!

The question is how do you, as a business, leverage that?

The main issue in the past has been budget. Video hasn't been cheap to produce and anything that has been done cheaply has been, well, rubbish! That doesn't need to be the way anymore though. There are many ways to get good videos for your social media channels:

  • Use your phone and grab videos on the go. There is no longer an expectation that every video has to be perfect and to be honest, on social media, people want to feel the human element. Grabbing a quick video of something happening live and sharing it has much more impact. 
  • Green screen - using one of these allows you to place whatever you want in the background. You do need a few things: a green screen kit, a decent video camera / phone and software to edit it afterwards (something like Adobe Premiere Pro). But all these things combined do not cost much if you are using them each week and gaining the value from them. There is a learning curve but you can make really good how to tutorial videos using this method: fairly easily and very cost-effective. A green screen kit on amazon is only about £100-150.
  • Timelapse is a great tool. You can use it to show events, locations through periods of time, capture movement and many many other things. All you need is a tripod for your phone, set it up and press go. Leave it to it! Once you have what you want you can either load it or use some software to play around with it. People really engage with them as well and you can get some great results. 
  • Cartoon videos using software online - these have to be used with caution as they can look really dreadful. But used in the right way you can get some good results to get a message across. I am personally not a huge fan as they have been used a lot and most of them are bad, but as I say some people are really making the most out of them and gaining great exposure so I wouldn't rule them out. You simply sign up for a monthly license and it allows you to create cartoon videos with a drag and drop type set up in the browser. Go Animate is a good example.

When these methods are not enough

What I have to add is that these methods are not fit for every purpose. For example, if you are generating a promotional video you will want to get some professional help in if you are not experienced. These do need to be spot on otherwise you won't get the impact you need. Service-based videos are the same, you need an experienced camera operator and a proper post-editing set up to get the right results. But you get the value from these as you ultimately will have a tool that can be used in various situations and for much longer periods of time, unlike social media videos. If you need any video production help just reach out for a chat. 

A conclusion on video

My main concluding point is to start producing visual content, do it and do no be afraid. People love a video and if you have the personal touch they go down really well on social media. If you need a bit of support then get some training (either online tutorials or give us a shout). But if you need something with a little more longevity then get some experienced people to help you out. 

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