How Dan Tyre changed my outlook on Sales

March 12, 2019
How Dan Tyre changed my outlook on Sales

Jonathan Harrison

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I recently completed an Inbound Sales Bootcamp with Dan Tyre and it changed my outlook on sales forever... So I wanted to share my top 3 takeaways with you.

Learning new skills is always fun but with sales it's also daunting and nerve-racking. Picking up the phone time after time.... but it's not like that. Inbound sales is about helping people and specifically only people you set out to help. So it's very focused and it's very easy to get into. All you need is structure and process. After that it's all about getting experience and don't forget to learn from people like Dan.

My Top 3 Things:

1. Pause & Listen

It is amazing the power of pausing and letting the other person talk, really I can't put down on paper the impact it has. You just have to try it. Take control of the call and be confident. I am not talking about being a cocky sales guy, I mean take control of the conversation and don't be afraid to stop and wait for a response. At first it feels strange but trust me when I say it is far worse for the other person and they will soon speak up.

Once you have them talking you are able to really understand their challenges and you can then help. That's what we are all trying to do, help each other. This allows us to see if there is a natural fit or if you need to continue your hunt elsewhere. Actually listen to what they say, Dan was telling us to stroke that chin and say "Hmm that's interesting, tell me more". This is what you need to do, get to the bottom of the persons challenges to see if you can help. The sooner you figure that out the sooner you can either make the sale or move on and not waste anymore time.

2. Ask The Right Questions & Get The Right Results

One of the main items that helped me was knowing when to ask questions and also having the right questions to ask. For example leaving budget until the end of the sales cycle isn't going to work. One of two things will happen: 1. the client won't have the budget or 2. it will be a surprise and we don't want those.

If you ask the right questions in the early stages it will remove the surprise at the end and also allow you to walk away if its a bad fit. When it comes to the final parts of the sales process you are just pulling everything together, nothing is new to the potential client and everything should be in a good place. If it isn't then chances are you have missed some vital questions along the way and wasted a lot of time.

3. Disqualify Early & Don't Waste Time

This is easier said than done as nobody likes saying "no" to a potential customer. But you have to be honest, will this business ever really become a client, do they have the budget, are they a good fit? The second point above will help you answer these questions but if it isn't a good fit walk away. Spend your time looking for clients that are a good fit. This will truly allow you to be a growth business.

In summary always try to help people, listen to what they have to say, pause to allow them time to talk, ask the right questions, move on if the fit isn't right and put the time in when the fit is good!

Now stop reading and get to the phones! :-)

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