Business Growth = Inbound Marketing + Inbound Sales

November 7, 2019
Business Growth = Inbound Marketing + Inbound Sales

Jonathan Harrison

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Marketing isn’t an exact science. That’s the problem the vast majority of businesses across the globe face, especially when they start out and are looking for ways to grow and expand.  It never has been; internally for companies it’s a loss-making department to make other areas of the business more attractive to potential clients to bring revenue in through other channels.

That has changed though with inbound marketing. Software and techniques are available to give marketers information they have never had access to before, from how website visitors interact with certain pages, the time they spend on a site, location information, and other hugely valuable metrics.

Despite all the money they cost, television, radio and magazine ads simply can’t give you that kind of information or control over your campaign. Statistics are assumptive and estimated at best. Inbound marketing can; here’s how you can use it to attract customers, even before they want to make a purchase.

Business Growth Strategies to Attract Prospects

  1. Create value with blogging: creating the right type of content, for the right people, at the right time! Blogging creates value and credibility that attracts your ideal audience.
  2. Use social media to drive traffic: this gives business an incredible new channel to drive traffic and find new customers.
  3. Use SEO to get found online: when you properly optimise your site, you'll increase your ranking and get more traffic.
  4. Leverage other people's audiences: find and engage with people who already have the audience they want, then leverage that audience to build their own.

Business Growth Strategies to Convert Leads

  1. Direct traffic with calls-to-action: use call-to-actions to point visitors where you want them to go
  2. Create value with content offers: premium content offers like eBooks, blogs, email courses or webinars.
  3. Convert visitors with landing pages: use your landing pages to deliver premium content and convert visitors into actionable leads.
  4. Use social proof to create credibility: using customer reviews as social proof can increase marketing effectiveness. This because people trust reviews by other consumers as much as they trust recommendations from personal contacts.
  5. Use opt-in forms to boost conversions: they are one of the quickest ways to get more leads.

Business Growth Strategies to Close Customers

  1. Use a CRM tool to track leads: a customer relationship management (CRM) tool can increase revenue pr sales person when used to track and nurture leads.
  2. Send emails to close more sales: email marketing is consistently voted the most effective marketing channel.
  3. Set up marketing automation: business that can successfully automate their lead nurturing process with targeted messages see increasing revenues in just 7-8 months.
  4. Create sales focused content: creating product videos, spec sheets, FAQ etc. you'll make it easier for customers to make a purchasing decision.
  5. Use analytics to find top channels: analytic tools allow you to analyse your marketing so you can make adjustments to improve ROI.

Business Growth Strategies to Delight Clients and Prospects

  1. Have awesome customer support: many clients say they have cut ties with a brand over a single poor customer service experience. That is why creating a stellar customer support system from day one is crucial.
  2. Create communities on social media: when you build a social community around your brand, you'll create lifelong customers and supporters.
  3. Reward loyal customers: it is crucial that you reward loyal customers to keep them coming back for more.
  4. Use personalisation to drive engagement: implement personalised experiences and suggestions to give customers the content and products they want.
  5. Use survey and feedback tools: collecting feedback will help eliminate the chance of a bad customer experience.
  6. Collect reviews and testimonials: asking customers for reviews at the right time, will create brand advocates that attract new people.


It’s time to fix all of these problems from the ground up. In the same way that inbound marketing is transforming the way businesses help their prospects to become well qualified and excited leads, now inbound sales is going to transform your business and improve sales performance.

Changing your business processes to become buyer focused is a transformative step, but it’s absolutely crucial to your future success, if not your survival.

When your organisation understands the inbound methodology, all of your team can align to achieve the common goal of delighted customers, who happily promote you to others. Marketing and sales naturally integrate with each other to serve the buyer together.


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