3 Ways Inbound Marketing succeeds in Professional Services

December 26, 2019
3 Ways Inbound Marketing succeeds in Professional Services

Jonathan Harrison

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What’s the secret that elevates your professional services marketing from average to exceptional? How do you ensure your firm’s voice is heard above the deafening roar of your competitors’ messages?

The secret is the strategic use of inbound marketing to rise above the noise. Here are just three of many ways inbound marketing delivers the professional services marketing success you want.

1. Use excellent content to establish yourself as a thought leader

Let’s start with law firm marketing. Say you’re one of five firms being considered by your ideal client.

Place yourself in your potential client’s position. Which of those five law firms do you want to work with—one that’s average or the one that offers the knowledgeable guidance and expertise that makes you feel confident and safe?


Your site needs to be jam-packed with valuable information—quality content is critical to successful inbound marketing. It lets your prospects know that you’re not just IN the game, you’re at the TOP of your game—and everyone wants to do business with the best.

When you develop and publish content establishing you as a thought leader, you give your prospective clients the valuable guidance they need to feel safe and build trust in your firm.

Which bring us to our next step:

2. Place your quality content directly in front of your prospects

It’s not enough to have great content on your website: You have to drive your best prospects to your site to see it. Most companies will try a broadcast-style advertising approach, but the most successful professional services firms use targeted inbound marketing.

Here are a few ways to do this:

  • Write guest posts for the blogs your potential customers are most likely to be reading.
  • Actively participate in LinkedIn discussions in the groups where your prospects are most likely to be found.
  • Conduct a social media analysis to know which networks make the most sense for your business—then develop and implement a social media marketing plan to drive replicable results.

3. Transform your website into a conversion machine

Successful inbound marketing for professional services needs to strategically use conversion pages to capture information to turn interested prospects into paying clients. This is done by:

  • Maximising traffic to your site through a comprehensive optimisation effort that addresses both on-site and off-site SEO
  • Matching your website content to the specific needs and concerns of the prospects visiting your site
  • Providing prospects with relevant and valuable information in exchange for their contact information
  • Making your conversion pages highly compelling in both design and content

Assume for a moment that you’re an architectural firm. You need to be doing more than just marketing architects. Prospects who need architects need to come to your site and see you as the thought leader in your industry. They need to give you their information so you can follow up and convert them into paying clients. That’s exactly why your site needs to work harder for you than it does today.

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